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Cast Biographies

The webmaster is tired, so we're giving you a generic bio for everyone listed.
Please fill in the blanks below.

____ACTOR'S NAME____ is no stranger to the stage, no stranger than anyone else. ____ACTOR'S NAME____ has created memorable performances in ____YOUR FAVORITE PLAY____, and ____YOUR FAVORITE MUSICAL____, and _____YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE______among others. His/her favorite comedy role was that of _____NAME OF YOUR BOSS_____. ____ACTOR'S NAME____ enjoys hanging out in dives such as _____YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT____. ____ACTOR'S NAME____ dedicates this performance to ___YOUR FAVORITE DIETY___ without whom none of this would exist.

Sherry Landrum - founder / director Canedy Knowles (original member of Just Kidding)
Rex Knowles - founder / producer Jessie Knowles (original member of Just Kidding)
Jerry Bowman (original member) Zach Laliberte (original member of Just Kidding)
Lindsay Fussell (original member) Ray Laliberte
Suzanne Smartt (original member) Wayne Brady (one show, one scene, but we count it)
Scott Fillers (original member) David Wood
Allan Ledford Beth Gatz
Josh Ruben Lee Nowell
Colleen Laliberte John Allan Turner
Will Sturtevant Rick Hasty
  Mark Knowles
Denise Barnes