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An Unabridged, Unbridled, and Unreliable History

It was the later part of the last century (1989). Sherry Landrum and Rex Knowles were in a car somewhere between Crossville and Chattanooga (in the greenest state in the land of the free) brainstorming names for an improv group they had formed at the Dance Theatre Workshop in Chattanooga. Sherry came up with the name "Chattanoodle" and the future was changed forever (particularly if you believe in the butterfly effect).

Chattanoodle performed every Friday at the Workshop to a loyal fan base. After just one show they became the longest running one night a week improv comedy show in the history of Tremont Street (locale for the Dance Theatre Workshop) and that became their slug line, their advertising brand, their claim to ersatz fame.

In the early 90's, they added TheatreSports to their performance and founded Just Kidding, the first licensed children's TheatreSports team in the world. TheatreSports competitions were held at the Dance Theatre Workshop and at the UTC Fine Arts Center.

In 1991, Chattanoodle placed second in the Edmonton Theatre Festival for the 1991 TheatreSports International Tournament, which hosted teams from throughout the world (hence the word "International"). They still cherish the paper plate trophy they won and wished they hadn't used it for the hot dog social the next night. That year Chattanoodle performed at the Environmental Forum in Chattanooga and were seen by Al Gore. (Has any other improv group done that? Particularly in 1991. Let us know.) Again, in that same year, the first and only issue of The Chattanoodle News appeared on the newstand in the lobby of the Dance Theatre Workshop. There are only two extant copies. Chattanoodle is considering putting them up for auction to fund their retirement.

In 1992, founders Sherry Landrum and Rex Knowles moved to New York as full time faculty at the New Actors Workshop. Lindsay Fussell, one of the original members, kept Chattanoodle alive.

In 2002, Rex and Sherry moved back to Chattanooga and rejoined the troupe. Although the slug line "the longest running one night a week improv comedy show in the history of Tremont Street" is still accurate, the place on Tremont Street is now a bakery.

Chattanoodle is now "the longest running, irregularly scheduled, improv comedy show in the history of Hamilton County."

What have reviewers said?

"...impeccable, impressive." (We had to look up the word "impeccable".)
"...righteous, radical, revoluntionary recreation." (Righteous in the 90's sense, not in the Biblical sense.)
"I thought it was far more fun than any movie I've seen in ages." (Check out the movies from 1991.)

Several of the original members still perform - Rex and Sherry, Lindsay Fussell, Jerry Bowman, Suzanne Smartt, my memory is fading...

"If you're looking for a seasoned, family friendly, evening of comedy improvisation, book us. We are so confident in our ability, we guarantee that everyone in attendance will laugh once."

GLOSSARY: If you come see us more than once, you're a "Noodlehead". When we perform, we're "Noodlin'". If you are picked to join us onstage in a scene, you're "doin' the Noodle". (We didn't come up with these. They erupted spontaneously from our "Noodleheads".)